Friday, May 22, 2009

Cake Ball Controversy!

So I told everyone to read the first comment on my Holy Cacao story, and then it exploded! I can't believe this little feature/review has generated so much controversy. I had read the press on Holy Cacao before I interviewed them, and I had only heard good things. I mean, they've had a few negative Yelp reviews, but that's to be expected.

It looks like some rival dessert business has issue with them and has no shame posting accusatory comments. I stand behind my story and the interview. John Spillyards and Ellen Kinsey, owners/managers of Holy Cacao, are friendly, positive people, and they gave me a great interview. I like HC's products and the story reflects that.

But judge them for yourselves.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dessert Queen Gets Published

I've always been a dessert queen. I've got too much of a sweet tooth, and always go straight for the chocolate.

However, I claim this title because I seem to be making a niche for myself by writing little food features on desserts. Check out these two stories I wrote for the Austin Decider site about NadaMoo! and Holy Cacao.

I was particularly excited about the comment on the Holy Cacao story because the commenter visited Holy Cacao after reading the write-up in The Onion print edition. I've been skeptical of whether people actually read those little restaurant write-ups in the back of The Onion, but apparently, this person did. Plus, my writing (with some help from my editor) was convincing enough to send someone out of their way to try a cake ball.

You can read my Holy Cacao write-up online, and also check out the one I wrote on Bennu Coffee. Both were published last week.

And, props to Anslee/SavannahRed for taking kick-ass photos for both stories.